Hungry Hearts Food Pantry

5220 Blair Oaks Dr.
The Colony, TX 75056

Our History

In the fall of 1987, God placed a burden on the heart of Reverend C. L. Pierce to start a church in a growing community called The Colony.  With this newfound vision and much determination, Rev. & Mrs. Pierce began to knock on doors inviting families to attend the opening services of this newly formed church, which was to be called Calvary Temple Church.  Through the kindness and generosity of First Baptist Church of The Colony, Calvary Temple began their first worship service on Easter Sunday, 1989.

Without adequate funds for the purchase of land or facilities, Calvary Temple was required to move their services to several locations in the beginning stages of the church.  Those locations included the Fire Station, First Baptist Church, as well as a local day care.  However, in the spring of 1991 this all changed when the church was able to acquire a building and land at the corner of Blair Oaks and Clover Valley.  The building and almost five acres were able to be purchased from the former Colony Christian Church for about one half of its actual value.  Having a building and land allowed a permanent place of worship, which in turn gave more credibility to this beginning work.

In 1993, having pastored Calvary Temple for five years, and soon approaching retirement age, Reverend Pierce felt the Lord release him from the pastorate of the church.  Pastor Pierce began to prepare the congregation for this pastoral transition.  Given the large number of young families in the city, Pastor Pierce specifically counseled the church to search for a young pastor.

In April of 1993, the fifth anniversary of the church, Reverend Tommy Jackson was voted in as the next Pastor of Calvary Temple. Forty-two people confirmed God’s calling.  Only twenty-nine years old, Pastor Jackson came to Calvary Temple with ten years of ministry experience.  Through his leadership, Calvary Temple began to grow and expand both numerically and spiritually.  As the vision for the church was given through Pastor Jackson, ministries began to  be formed and leaders began to be trained.

The year 1996 was a pivotal year for the church.  Due to the overcrowding and lack of adequate facilities, the body voted to construct a new worship facility on land currently owned by the church.  The body also voted to change the name of the church from Calvary Temple to Calvary Christian Center.  It was the consensus of the membership that both the name and the new worship facility would help aid in the continued growth of the church.

In 1997, the new worship facility opened after fourteen months of construction.  Though growth was not immediately noticeable, the church did continue to grow at a steady rate.  This steady growth allowed staff to be added to assist in Pastor Jackson’s vision.  An associate pastor, children’s pastor and youth pastor, were all added to fulfill the vision for children and youth ministries being the focus of the church.

In October of 2006, Pastor Jackson accepted another ministry opportunity with a missions organization to continue the work of the Lord.  We appreciate his almost forteen years of service as our Senior Pastor and the commitment he and his family made to serve this body.  We pray for God’s continued blessing on their lives.

In October of 2007, Pastor Rick McCoy was voted in as our Senior Pastor after faithfully serving for twelve months as our Interim Pastor.  He has been a blessing to our church in many capacities since 1994 in areas of music and as our Teaching Pastor.

Calvary Christian Center continues moving forward with the vision God placed on our hearts.  Though we have seen awesome and powerful works of God in our church, we still believe the best is yet to come!

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