Housing Placement

Turtle Creek Recovery Center

2707 Routh St
Dallas, TX 75201

Turtle Creek Recovery Center (“TCRC”), a 501 (c)(3) corporation founded in 1968, is the only residential program in North Texas that is wholly dedicated to serving both men and women who have co-occurring disorders of severe mental illness and alcohol or drug addiction.

This combination of illnesses often has a devastating effect, as most of our clients are unemployed and more than 70 percent are homeless at the time of admission. The best outcomes with this client population are achieved by means of a long-term approach to treatment.

TCRC is dedicated to providing clients with sufficient care so that they may return to the community with psychiatric stability, sobriety, employment, and permanent housing.  Since 1988, TCRC has been a proud member agency of United Way – Dallas.

Our Programs

Routh Street Intensive Residential Treatment Program

Our 32-bed residential program provides a safe therapeutic environment with room and board, dual diagnosis classes, recovery and relapse prevention components, counseling and case management services. The focus is on assisting clients in managing themselves in the community. The average client stay is about 30 days.

Vocational Program

This program equips clients for successful job search and productive activity in the community.

Housing Program

Clients receive information and referrals to various housing resources in the community, with the aim of identifying available transitional, supportive, or permanent housing options.

Service Coordination Center

Provides information and referral to persons needing services, conducts clinical assessments, and assists in the seamless transition of clients from one program to another.

Acceptance Policy / Referrals

Our admissions requirements are simple and clear. All admissions are voluntary. Persons aged 18-65 who meet the following criteria may be admitted to the program:

• A diagnosis of mental illness and co-occurring substance abuse
• Medically stabilized
• No current potential for violent behavior
• Not actively suicidal
• A readiness to accept help and work on recovery

Screenings for admission into our program are available Monday thru Thursday mornings from 7:00–11:00, on a first come, first served basis, or please feel free to call us at 214.871.2484.

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This is Your Season Ministries

596 Pendleton
Rockwall, TX 75032
This Is Your Season Ministries is a 501 c3 nonprofit ministry based in Rockwall devoted to sharing the Love of God, by encouraging all to give their hearts to the Lord Jesus Christ in our local community and to nations all over the world.

  • Community of Believers feeds hundreds of families in Rockwall through the North Texas Food Bank
  • Weekly woman’s Bible Study, retreats and conferences across the United States
  • Provide Thanksgiving& Christmas  meals  for families in need
  • Transitional home for women
  • Coordinate the  National  Day of Prayer for Rockwall, community prayer at the Prayer Chapel, Prayer Walk for our schools, and establishing a 24/7 House of Payer in Rockwall
  • Operate a Worship Institute for young adults to study the Word of God
  • Spiritually and financially support pastors, orphanages, clinics, and schools around the world.
  • Minister God’s love in 30 Nations globally.
  • Provide Bibles for pastors and believers.
  • Partnered with the city and its churches to minister to the hundreds of families after Hurricane Katrina

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The Turn Around Agenda

The Turn Around Agenda

7140 Library Lane
Dallas, TX 75232
972-228-0872 ext. 1600


Rebuilding Communities From The Inside Out

The Turn•Around Agenda (formerly Project Turn•Around) is the social outreach of Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship with a mission to rebuild communities from the inside out with comprehensive, faith-based programs and community partnerships designed to transform the lives of urban youth and families. TTA programs touch the whole person, offering wraparound services that enable individuals to make the right choices by changing the way they think, providing opportunities for positive change and giving them hope for a brighter tomorrow.

Public Schools Outreach

  • School Based Mentoring
  • Life Skills Education
  • Athletic League
  • Summer Camp
  • High School Heroes
  • Back-to-School Rallies
  • Youth Summer Employment

Technology and Education Institute

  • Pre-GED/GED
  • Computer Training and Certification
  • Adult Literacy
  • Professional Development

Human Needs Assistance

  • Food Pantry
  • Clothing Resale Shop
  • Crisis Management
  • Housing Assistance Program
  • Christ-Giving Event (Distribution of toys and food)

Family Care Pregnancy Center

  • Pregnancy Testing
  • Ultrasound
  • Pre-natal Education
  • STD/HIV Information and Counseling
  • Crisis Intervention
  • Lay and Professional Counseling
Need more information about programs?To contact us about program information or volunteer opportunities, click here. Or, you can call The Turn•AroundAgenda at 972.228.0872  ext. 1600.

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3017 Commerce
Dallas, TX 75226

About Soup Mobile

David Timothy (a.k.a. the SoupMan) founded The SoupMobile in 2003. His vision was to start a traditional soup kitchen where the homeless could come to eat.
However, after assessing the needs of our homeless population, David realized that a mobile soup kitchen would be more effective. Because the homeless have limited access to transportation, the SoupMan serves meals to them where they gather.

A Typical Day

On a typical day, the SoupMobile serves around 600 meals. A standard meal might include a hot bowl of soup and a hearty ham and cheese sandwich. In addition, each person receives a bag of chips, a banana, a refreshing drink, and a piece of pie for dessert.

As the SoupMobile approaches each of its feeding stops, the SoupMan blasts the theme from Rocky, his favorite movie, over the van’s loudspeaker system. Heard for miles around, this music tells the homeless that it’s time for lunch.

Our Philosophy

The SoupMan believes that there’s a little bit of Rocky in all of us. He also believes that in each one of us resides the spirit and the passion to triumph and be the champion of our own lives!

The SoupMobile will serve up to 200,000 meals in 2010! We are literally on the front lines of the war against hunger in the Dallas area.

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Shared Housing Center

402 N Good Latimer
Dallas, TX 75204


Shared Housing Center was created in 1984 to provide and facilitate affordable housing options. Our mission has been to offer housing options and supportive services that foster independence, empowerment, and self-worth and to serve a multicultural, intergenerational population. Since our inception, we have offered housing and services to critically at-risk populations — older adults, single parents with young children, and persons with special needs — seeking to elevate themselves from homeless and near homeless situations to lifestyles of relative self-sufficiency.

Our agency offers two basic services to meet the needs of the homeless/near homeless for supportive living environments that foster interpersonal growth and mutual self-help:

Homeshare – Cultivating families of choice

This program pairs “homeseekers” in need of affordable, shared living arrangements, with “homeproviders” who own their housing, but who require companionship, special services or rental income to remain there. In our community, homeproviders are typically widowed older adults struggling financially to maintain their home and single parents with high mortgage payments and utilities. Homeseekers, on the other hand, typically include the homeless, displaced homemakers, college students, domestic violence victims, physically challenged persons, and mental health patients. Shared Housing Center facilitates 100 Homeshare matches per year, impacting over 200 persons at a cost of $250 per person.

Transitional, Intergenerational Group Residence -
Breaking the cycle of homelessness

This program offers housing for 12-18 months to homeless single parents with young children and to older adults. During their stay, residents are offered direct services: case management, mental health counseling and children’s programs. For single parent families, their crisis typically stems from domestic violence, lack of education or employable skills, loss of employment, and a lack of positive role modeling. For older adults, their crisis typically stems from losing their home to their children, mental deterioration, insufficient funds to pay property taxes, and mandatory relocation due to inadequate housing. This program assists 24 single parents, 45 children and 6 older adults at an annual cost of $175 per person per month.

In addition to these direct housing services, Shared Housing Center also maintains a Housing Education Network to provide ongoing education for consumers and the community about our services, housing needs, and housing options to meet those needs. We offer annual housing workshops for the community, coordinate special needs presentations for other agencies, perform in-staff training, and participate as guest lecturers at conferences and community forums.

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